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We are an enterprising small school, founded on relationships and driven to actively challenge students.

Find out why our All Day Project-Based Program is a Washington Achievement Award Winner and how it's different from traditional high schools, or learn how our Transition, and G.E.D. programs can help students with unique circumstances continue their education.

News and Updates
Strategic Planning Meeting
West Valley is in the process of creating a new 5-year Strategic Plan.  We are seeking community input to gather information that will help prioritize major areas of emphasis.  Please help us by attending a focus group on April 1, 2014, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at West Valley High School, or by taking the online survey found at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WV-Strat-Plan-Test
Thank you for your help with this important work.
Please contact me with questions.
Thanks for your getting the word out!
Public Relations Director
West Valley School District #363
2805 N. Argonne Road
Spokane, WA  99212
PACE Character Trait for March – Diligence

3rd Quarter ends
3rd Quarter ends April 4th
Spring Break
First day of Spring Break is April 7th.  Students will return to school on April 14.
Due to an incident in the school neighborhood, SVHS is closed all day March 4th. School will resume tomorrow. Parents will receive an informational letter that will be sent home this week with their child.

All students and staff were sent to WVHS where parents were contacted by the staff. Students were released to their parents. Students were given a math assignment to work on today.
Information about inclement weather/emergencies
Please link to the WVSD website to find out information about the procedure for inclement weather or school emergencies.

WVSD nursing supervisor, Christi and SVHS counseling intern Jackie have been working with an organization called  Grinovations" to bring them to our district.  "This is a mobile preventative dental health service.  The mission of the organization is to eliminate dental disease in Washington State schools by utilizing evidence-based prevention and in removing obstacles between children and oral health.  Dental disease is the single most common chronic childhood disease - five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.  It is so widespread and the health effects so significant that the U.S. Surgeon General has classified dental disease as a silent epidemic.  Virtually all dental disease in children is preventable!

Several weeks after the completion of our visit to your school, a Statistics Report is provided to the school nurse, the principal and whom ever else within the school you designate. Totals are gathered for each service we provide as well as the information on all children referred for restorative needs.

These reports can be compiled for all schools within a district, for district personnel or for all districts within a county for Public Health personnel.
Program Accountability
State Accountability
1.     Grinovations is a school based preventive dental program operating under the authority of RCW (The Revised Code of Washington) 18.29.056 in conjunction with SB (Senate Bill) 6020 passed in 2001 and SHB (Substitute House Bill) 1298 passed in 2007.
2.     Grinovations is required to follow the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines on sealant placement, as well as The Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on sealant placement and fluoride varnish recommendations all summed up in The Washington State Dental Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Program Guidelines.
3.     Grinovations not only works in conjunction with but reports directly to The Washington State Department of Health (DOH), The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and Washington State Public Health Department (both at the local and state levels)
4.     Grinovations is trained yearly and held accountable to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guidelines (OSHA) as well as Washington State Health And Safety Guidelines (WISHA).
5.     Each of Grinovations hygienists is licensed in the state of Washington, has received training and is endorsed by Washington State to practice in a school setting.  All Grinovations dental assistants are registered with the Washington State Board of Health.
Professional Accountability
1.     Grinovations completes background checks on all school based program employees on an annual basis (available upon request)
2.     Grinovations has all necessary insurances including L&I, Liability, malpractice and vehicle insurance. (available upon request)
3.     Grinovations’ parent company Oral Health & Preventive Services is a Washington based LLC, licensed and operating in the state of Washington.

Working together with Washington State Schools, Grinovations is making a tremendous difference, both in the schools themselves and in the lives of many children."  To learn more about their Dental Services contact either Jackie or Christi at SVHS or checkout the Grinovations website http://www.rinovationsmobile.com/ .

Spokane County library cards
Supporting student success – that’s the goal of our student library card! 
Last year, Spokane County Library District introduced “My Library, My Card”.   A library card for every middle school and high school student  to gain  immediate access to online resources such as Science in Context, CultureGrams, Biography in Context, World Book, and Opposing Viewpoints in Context, as well as online tutoring help from Tutor.com.  All of these resources complement what your school libraries currently offer.  Students may access resources right away whether they are at school or at home to complete homework.  Bringing the card into the library will activate a full use library card allowing them to check out and place holds on materials in the library.  This year we have cards for every incoming middle school 6th or 7th grade student.  
Would you help us get this free resource out to students? 
What will your librarians and teachers need to do?  It’s simple.  All they need to do is hand out the cards.  The cards are designed to give the students immediate access to our online resources.  There is no personal information attached to the cards until they choose to come into the library with a parent or guardian and activate the card to check out materials. Effort on your part is minimal; benefits to the students are maximum! 
Would you help us get this information out to all your students, teachers and parents?  The cards will be ready for distribution in mid-November.  An email will go out to all area principals about the program, along with a publicity piece for schools to add to their parent newsletters ..  The library will drop off the cards at the schools for distribution and information about the program will accompany the student cards at distribution.  
Please contact us with any questions or comments. Student success is the goal and we’re excited to work together to make this happen!
Thank you for your time,
Gwendolyn Haley & Mary Ellen Braks
Library Services Managers | Spokane County Library District
4322 N Argonne Rd | Spokane, WA 99212
509.893.8362 | www.scld.org
Fall Fest and Spirit Week
Fall Fest and Spirit Week is October 21 -24.  Fall Fest and Spirit week are considered regular school days.  It is important that students attend and participate in the activities that the Leadership class has worked so hard to put together.  It is a part of our on-going building of school community and developing relationships.  We hope that the students see the value in these activities and can relate them to the Essential Question:  "What is my personal impact as a citizen."

Monday - Crazy Hair/Plaid or Flannel Day
Tuesday - Sports Day                                                                
Wednesday - Pajama Day
Thursday - LINKS Dress Up Theme                                                                                                          
Highway to Health

The Project class led by Emillee and Peggy, through a grant from the West Valley Foundation, has been able to hire two personal trainers from a local business, Body Renovate, to work with the students.  Rob White and John Irwin will be here every Thursday, for the next six weeks, to work with the students.  The first session this week was setup to get a baseline of ability level.  The exercises included pushups, squats, sit ups, and jumping Jacks.  They did a 30 minute drill and then a 10 minute stretching routine.

The goal of the class is to expose the students to health issues and ways to take care of and maintain good health.  Peggy and Emilee have been working with Eastern Washington's fitness department to expand the class during 2nd quarter.  In collaboration with EWU graduate students will come to SVHS to continue working on fitness training.

The feedback from the kids is amazing.  They enjoy having the personal trainers working with them - class participation is at 100%.  This is another example of putting our school slogan "work hard, play hard" into action.

September Enrollment
SVHS is currently accepting enrollment inquiries for the 2013-2014 school year.  You can either contact the school at 922-5475 or complete the form (click here) and send it to SVHS at 2011 N. Hutchinson, Spokane, WA  99212; attention Suzanne Scott or Randy Groves.

Spokane Valley High School offers…

A common focus that is centered on relationships

Challenging approaches to learning

Active inquiry, in-depth discovery.

No events are scheduled.
About Our School
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